The Creative Curator

Hello Eve! Can you tell us a bit about you, your business, and your sewing planner?

“I am a fashion designer, creative pattern cutter, and lover of many fiber and fabric based crafts. Since 2016 I have been teaching people all over the world how to make their own sustainable fashion via my website, The Creative Curator, which I started after becoming quite disillusioned with the fashion industry and its inherent exploitation and non-sustainable practices. To this day, I find it more rewarding to teach others the skills needed to make their own creative and unique clothing, and I doubt that will ever change.

I created my sewing planner quite a few years ago, and each year it gets updated based upon feedback from real users. It’s how I manage sewing projects that need to be completed throughout a year, and this new ‘seasonal’ version has worked well, enabling me to be more focused and less overwhelmed with the projects on my ‘to-do’ list.”

You can find Eve on YouTube, Instagram, and on her website.

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