Hello Britt and Evelien! Can you tell us a bit about you and your business? 

“Evelien has been sewing since childhood. Becoming a pattern maker was written in the stars for her, but first, life took her on a path to become an architect.

Britt chose specialized fashion training from an early age and also took ‘fashion design’ courses at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She went on to earn a degree in journalism.

[They went on to meet at La Maison Victor, the Belgian sewing magazine!]

Notches was born out of a desire to use our skills and talents to do something good for the world. In our case, that’s designing, pattern making, sewing and being kind :-). That translated into a business that makes it possible for people to sew their own sustainable wardrobe that matches their personality and show them how they can use this skill to build confidence within themselves.

Our baseline reads: ‘bring out the you in you!’ … and [that’s] why our patterns are super versatile. You can make many different variants with one pattern, according to your personal style and needs.”

You can find Notches on Instagram and on their website. Isn’t their logo so good?

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