Hello Kate! Can you tell us a bit about you and Screech Owl Fabrics?

Hi, I’m Kate Colvin. I was taught by my mother to sew as a child and grew up where sewing clothes, home decor items, and quilts was a way of life. Fortuitously, the man I met in college and later married ALSO grew up in a sewing family, and both his parents are well-known in the local quilting world. As an adult, as I learned more about my body shape, how clothes fit me personally, and how to alter patterns to get the best fit, I also became much more focused on quality garments and apparel.  
I have watched the local, physical apparel sewing stores start to fade away, or they simply focus on quilting items only, and I saw a need for a provider of quality, lasting fabric and supplies specifically for those interested in apparel sewing. I saw a need for a shop that welcomes all genders, races, and ages, and does not pre-judge how serious a sewist is at a glance.

My goal is to provide to all customers the same items of superior caliber I purchase for myself, including organic and eco-friendly, where possible, from around the world. Finding this type of fabric shouldn’t be as difficult as it is currently, and I aim to make it easier with my small shop.