Why I love the haystack pack

by Heather from Fabulosew

Here at Fabulosew, we have had the pleasure of offering discounted printing for the featured haystack pack pattern for over a year.

Discovering Patterns

It’s always really exciting to see what Kate has sourced for the month, and just when I think there can’t possibly be any more pattern companies to find, another new to me company is featured.

The most popular pattern we’ve printed has been the Bisque trousers from Vivian Shao Chen, which is a beautiful trouser pattern. Also, the photography on this website is incredible.

wool trousers

My personal favourite didn’t need any printing at all – the Cris Woods Parasol dress which is a really clever zero waste pattern which I have made myself and have plans for another.

Thoughtful Curation

Kate is really thoughtful in the way that the pack is  curated, ensuring that there are fabric options for customers in Europe and North America. The fabric shops are always small, independent businesses who have clearly put a lot of thought into their selections.

There is also an audio version, and it is a treat to hear Kate’s soothing voice and interesting content.

There is a specific focus each month, and interviews with people from sewing businesses which I always find fascinating.

Environmental Focus

I love the environmental focus of the pack. I’ve not bought sewing magazines for a long time because of the paper and excessive advertising. The haystack pack contains neither of these. It’s a digital and audio pack, and the content is top quality. Obviously, once you print your pattern, there is paper usage, but it’s entirely optional to print it out, and using Fabulosew paper minimises the paper use due to the lightweight paper we print on.

So if you’re looking for sewing inspiration, and in particular for something you may well have not come across before, then sign up to the haystack pack for a monthly dose of sewing goodness. The haystack pack also makes a fantastic gift that any sewist would be delighted to receive.


Have a look at Fabulosew for pattern printing goodness. And if you’d like to try the haystack pack, join us here. We’d love to have you!