Hello Eryn! Can you tell us a bit about you and Style Sew Me?

I began sewing in 2013 when I was pregnant. I wasn’t happy with maternity clothing and thought I’d learn to sew a couple of dresses to get me through the pregnancy. I had no intention of continuing to sew, but I fell in love with it and here we are seven years later!
Style Sew Me Patterns was born in 2016 from the ashes of a failed clothing line I’d started. A bad business deal sealed the coffin to that venture. From that experience, I’d realized sewing for hire stole the joy from my hobby. After a few months off sewing to lick my wounds and regain my confidence, I took the designs I’d planned to sell and created a PDF sewing pattern, Camryn. 
My vision for Style Sew Me is to build a catalog of patterns and workshops that serve a tribe of women makers with a love of dramatic classics. My goal is to make them feel “seen” and improve their confidence in their style through their experience with Style Sew Me.