Sewing patterns for autumn and winter

As the trees turn orange, and the pumpkin spice lattes appear, I’ve been thinking about my autumn and winter makes for the year. [Rhyme unintended but embraced.]

Here are some sewing patterns from the haystack pack that I think would be great for the cooler seasons.

Tops and dresses

Groove dress: I made one in brushed cotton and there’s nothing more cozy. Add a hood and long sleeves for optimal cold weather attire. I also love the Groove dress as a snuggly post-swim changing room, but let’s see if my ambitions to swim through the autumn actually materialise… For extra warmth, pair your dress with the Dawson coatigan.

Camelia dress: This is another good dress option. It looks elegant, and it’s also comfortable because it’s made with jersey fabrics. I love the side draping feature and the long sleeve option. It would look great with boots and a Madcap jacket or Traveller cape.

Anya bodysuit: This is a great layering piece, especially if you make the bodysuit version. I made it as a sleeveless top which is useful to throw on as a base layer. I bet it would be amazing in merino wool. It would pair perfectly with the Madison cardigan.

Rebecca top and dress: Cotton jersey makes are perfect for autumn and winter. I love this pattern’s sleeves. It would look great under the Fleur pinafore or Dawson coatigan.

Leila dress and slip: The long sleeves and floaty nature of this dress make it a great one for autumn. It’s great that the pattern includes a slip as well, which can either be worn under the dress or as a stand alone piece, perhaps over a long sleeve top like Rebecca.

Bottoms and all-in-ones

Lazo trousers and capris: This is one of my most recent makes and I love it. The pleats down the front, high waistband, and unusual buckle option make it a pretty special pattern. It’s easier than many trouser patterns, and has large pockets. The trousers work for casual and more formal occasions, and I think they would be fun to wear with the Traveller cape.

Intrepid boiler suit: This is still one of my proudest makes because I really took my time with it and paid attention to the details. It’s great to put on a single outer garment and be fully dressed in seconds. I love the sharp collar and the waist seam, which is helpful for fitting. An Anya top or Josie bra would be great to wear underneath.

Dahlia wrap skirt: This is one of my favourite makes to date. The secret ribbon eliminates any wrap-skirt related fears, and it’s a lovely length and shape that would work well with boots. The pattern is not available to buy any more, but I’m leaving it on this list for anyone who already has it, either through the haystack pack or from somewhere else.

Fleur dress and skirt: I love autumn layers, and a pinafore is a great way to get an extra one in. Plus, this pinafore has lovely big pockets and is very hackable. You can also either print the pattern or draw out the pattern pieces yourself. It would be great with the Rebecca top and either the Traveller cape or Dawson coatigan.

Crestwood skirt: I’m such a fan of that classic autumn look of a shorter skirt made of something like denim or corduroy. This is such a fun skirt. The pockets are a great shape, and there’s even a scalloped hem option. My favourite detail is the notched waistband. The Crestwood comes in two size ranges. It would look lovely with a Calypso hoodie for a casual vibe, or a Madison cardigan for a bit of drama.


Traveller cape: Don’t we all want to have a few more superhero/Little Red Riding Hood (delete as appropriate) vibes in our lives? This pattern is reversible and I’m really hoping someone uses it as a Halloween costume, even if only on one of the sides… The Traverller cape would look lovely paired with Lazo trousers, a Crestwood skirt, or a Camelia dress.

Dawson coatigan: This is a great early foray into coat making. It nudges you gently into the world of tailoring, but isn’t too tricky to make. The darts on the sleeves give the coatigan a really interesting look, and there are some good colour-blocking options too. Pair it with a Fleur pinafore for a lovely layered look.

Madison cardigan: This is one of my most recent makes and I wear it at every opportunity. The waterfall-style cardigan is the perfect mix of simple and impactful. I think fabric choice is quite important with this one – I love it in drapey fabrics that swish as you strut (surely the only way a person can walk while wearing this epic pattern…). The Madison cardigan would add a touch of drama to wardrobe basics like the Anya top or bodysuit.

Lounge robe: Who doesn’t love a slow Sunday morning on the sofa? The Lounge robe is the perfect accompaniment and can be made casual or sleek depending on the fabric. Imagine if you made a matching Josie underwear set! This pattern comes in two size ranges.

Madcap jacket: This jacket is drama mixed with comfort. The back details are so unique and fun so it’s a good garment to add a bit of excitement to an outfit. It’s next on my to-make list, and I’m dreaming of it in a navy, russet or olive stretch velvet.

Calypso hoodie and top: This one comes with lots of different versions including a hoodie with a kangaroo pocket. If that doesn’t shout cozy autumn vibes, I don’t know what does. It’s a really fun one for colour-blocking and using up fabric scraps too. You could wear it with the Crestwood skirt or Lazo trousers.


Josie bra and pants: This is another of my favourite and most worn makes. It’s a beautiful set and, more importantly in my book, super comfortable. It looks great in a mixture of stretch lace and jersey, and you can also make it using only jersey so it’s another good scrap buster.

MyFit underwear: There are two key things I love about this pattern. The first is that you input your measurements to get a really good fit straight away. You can alter these measurements over time if your body changes or you make it for someone else. I’ve even seen versions for dolls. The second thing I like about this pattern is that there are so many variations. Jill, the pattern designer, is also giving away her newest pattern for free until the end of the month. It features rabbit ears (ie it’s irresistible).

I’d love to know which sewing patterns you revisit, restyle, or make for autumn and winter. Feel free to drop me a message to tell me.

If you’d like to try the haystack pack yourself and discover lots more amazing patterns, you can join the pack here.

Happy sewing!