Sewing a capsule wardrobe for a music festival

  • 5+ mix and match outfits
  • Paired with sewing patterns
  • To take you through rain, sun and mud
  • From the dance floor to the mac & cheese truck
  • And from dawn to… dawn!
festival capsule wardrobe

In 2012 I went to Glastonbury music festival as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. Seven years later, I’m looking forward to my 7th festival. I just can’t get enough of it!

During all those years of Glasto-going, I’ve experienced and witnessed my fair share of festival wardrobe mishaps:

  • The time I forgot my raincoat and had to wring my top dry midway through a gig.
  • The time we refashioned a bin bag into a raincoat, significantly restricting my friend’s vision so he ran through  a downpour like a blinkered pony.
  • The time another friend had nothing but a hoody to keep her warm and, after the heavens opened, drip-dried it in her tent for days as she shivered.
  • The many times there was wellington boot-induced rubbing on unsuspecting hairy legs resulting in a hairless streak on each calf.

But I’ve also had a few *ahem* undeniable successes, especially the time my friend ran up to me at a gig to present me with two newly purchased matching sparkly jackets.

sparkly jackets

So clearly clothing choices at a festival can be both important and fun. And the great thing is, this time I can sew, which means I can choose exactly what I want to wear and attempt to create it myself. If you’re a sewing festival-goer too, join me!

I’ve picked clothes that are comfy, weather-appropriate, full of pockets, and that can be worn all day and night long. If they have a bit of sparkle or twirl-factor, even better. With that in mind, here’s what I’ve come up with:

TorsoRaincoat x 1
Jacket x 1
Tank top x 1
T-shirt x 1
Dress x 2
Eden coat, Tilly and the Buttons
Joy jacket, Chalk and Notch
Super basic tank top, Halfmoon Atelier
Stellan tee, French Navy
Stacia dress, Sew Liberated
Sunny dress, Friday Pattern Company
LegsLeggings x 2
Shorts x 1
Skirt x 1
Avery leggings, Helen’s Closet
Allister shorts, République du Chiffon
Soho skirt, Liesl + Co
FeetWellies x 1
Trainers x 1
Long socks x 4
Short socks x 3
Cozy toes socks, Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop

You’ll be able to mix and match the garments depending on the weather and your plans for the day. Your outfits for the festival might look something like this:

Day 1 Hot and dryShorts, tank  
Day 2 Cold and dryDress, leggings, jacket
Day 3 Cold and raining Dress, leggings, jacket, raincoat
Day 4 Hot and raining Skirt, t-shirt, raincoat
Day 5 Hot and dryDress

  • If it’s hot and dry, soak up the vitamin D and take advantage of wearing trainers.
  • If it’s cold, chuck on some leggings and a jacket.
  • And if it’s raining, add in your raincoat, long socks and wellies!

You might also want to throw in some PJs, a hat, and even a fancy dress costume. Let your imagination run wild – it’s a festival after all!

What do you think? Have I missed anything?  If you have any other pattern suggestions, I’d love to see them.

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