I fell in love with it.

What a great last minute present for somebody.
The Yorkshire Sew Girl

Ruan from The Yorkshire Sew Girl chatted about the haystack pack as a last minute Christmas gift. You can find the full YouTube video here.

“I thought ‘what a great last minute present for somebody’!”

“I fell in love with it […] It’s £10 a month and what you get in there is a pattern every month – and most of them are swappable as well. You get loads of hints, tips and tricks from people, and interviews from other independent businesses. So you’re getting exposed to other people’s small businesses, which I think is brilliant. You also get discounts from fabric stores.”

“There’s a lot on the subscription so you’re getting quite a lot for your money […] It is really good.”

“If someone’s still saying to you ‘anything you want for Christmas?’ […] you can kind of say ‘here you go, here’s a link to something I quite fancy if you don’t mind’.”

Curious? Try out the pack yourself, or grab one for a friend here. We’d love for you to join us! Thank you very much Ruan for sharing your thoughts on the pack.