How to make sewing pattern size charts more accessible

I’ve seen lots of sewing pattern size charts over the years thanks to the haystack packs. I love it when sewing pattern companies include a size chart in the product images. At a glance, I can see if the pattern comes in the size range I want, and I can get a sense of the types of adjustments I’d need to consider if I made the pattern.

But one of my lovely haystack pack subscribers alerted me to the fact that photos of size charts can be unhelpful for some people, including those with eyesight difficulties. Here’s how to make sewing pattern size charts more accessible:

  1. Include the size chart on the product page so it’s easier to find.
  2. Consider presenting the size chart as text instead of as a photo. That makes it easier to zoom in and read.
  3. If you do include the size chart as a photo, make sure it’s in high resolution so it remains sharp when zoomed in.
  4. Test the size chart on different devices – desktop, laptop, and mobile phones – to make sure the size chart is clear to read across all. You want the image to remain sharp, and not blurry, when zoomed in.

I hope that helps! If you have any more tips on making size charts more accessible, please get in touch so I can add your suggestions to the list.