Hello Lauren! Can you tell us a bit about you and Guthrie and Ghani?

I’ve always loved sewing and making things my whole life but it was only when a series of life events and circumstances all happened at the same time in 2012 that I decided to open my shop and sewing studio. I wanted to help people learn to sew and get the same enjoyment and sense of satisfaction that I do from this addictive hobby. It was around the same time I was in the process of setting up the business and renovating the building where the shop is that I applied and was accepted as a contestant on the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee that was aired in 2013.

I’ve loved developing the business over the years, learning things as I go along and building up an amazing team to help me run the workshops and the shop. I’ve grown our collection of high quality and designer dressmaking fabrics, written countless blogs, and made loads of YouTube videos for my channel over the years to help inspire my customers to make a handmade wardrobe that they will love and treasure.