Free Quirky Bias Binding With Gift Subscriptions

Looking for a sewing gift? Look no further! I’m so excited to buddy up with The Specky Seamstress to offer an extra treat when you buy a gift subscription to In a Haystack this festive season.

In a Haystack is a digital sewing subscription that helps you discover sewing patterns and shops. It’s a lovely monthly dose of treats, tips, and inspiration for the sewing lover in your life. Find out more here.

I love that the haystack pack is digital because it means it’s flexible. You choose your pattern, you choose your fabric, you choose your treats. But when you’re gifting someone a subscription, it’s great to have something physical to wrap up too.

That’s where The Specky Seamstress comes in. Until 31 December, when you buy a haystack pack gift subscription, you also get two metres of gorgeous bias binding of your choice for free. The bias binding comes with a sticker to tell the gift recipient ‘You’ve been gifted a sewing subscription!’.

You can choose any 12mm single-fold bias binding you fancy. Here’s an example so you can see what it looks like:

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for a gift subscription here.
2. You’ll get an email with the subject ‘Yay! Your In a Haystack order is complete’. You’ll need the secret code in that email to get your free bias binding.
3. Go to, choose your preferred 12mm single-fold bias binding. Use the secret code when you check out so bias binding and shipping will be free.

Remember to write your address if you want to give the gift in person, or the haystack pack recipient’s address if you want the bias binding to go directly to them. They’ll get their first pack on 3 January. And, hey, if you want to gift yourself a haystack pack subscription and some bias binding, I fully support that too.

I really hope you enjoy this fun festive way to do gift subscriptions for a digital product. It’s extra special to me because Laura has been both a haystack pack subscriber and one of the featured shops in the pack, plus she’s just an all round lovely sewing pal. The Specky Seamstress has just launched some brand new bias binding designs too!

Ready to get your gift subscription and bias? Sign up here.

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