Hello Andrea! Can you tell us a bit about you and Experimental Space Patterns?

I’m Andrea, and I run Experimental Space P atterns. It’s just me here and that means I take care of everything from sketching out and designing the patterns (one of my favourite parts!), to digitalising them (weirdly rewarding), arranging packaging, website maintenance, and bookkeeping. Some of those things are more interesting than others! The only bit I haven’t attempted is the envelope art.

I like figuring out how and why things work and then finding ways they could be better. While designing my patterns, I am constantly deliberating over which construction method is best for the finished result, and is enjoyable to do. I’ll fall asleep thinking about the best way to enclose a seam and wake up considering collar options.

My dream for Experimental Space is being a brand that excites people with the designs and to create patterns that are rewarding to sew. I absolutely love seeing people make up the designs, and even more so when I find out they’ve learned a new technique while using one of the patterns.